Upcoming Projects

Upcoming Projects
•Establishment of Flospan (300 MT capacity) in remaining  six districts.
•Establishment  of Central Ware House (3000 MT Capacity).upprojects
•Establishment of EOCs at Divisional Level.
•District wise Multi-Hazardous risk mapping and    mainstreaming  through DRM projects.
•Establishment of Country-wide Disaster Management Information System.
•Advocating and integrating Disaster Risk Reduction Management (DRRM) into development & socio economic policies (etc).
•Compilation of emergency resource/responders inventory database.
•Reinvigorating volunteerism within community hubs for effective community based emergency response.
•Disaster Preparedness and Response for the Agriculture Sector of Pakistan.
• Disaster and Climate Resilience Improvement Project (DCRIP)-(Disaster Management)
• A Project of Establishment of Emergency Response Centers , First response Health facilities and Construction of Bunkers along with Line of Control (LoC)