Early Warning Systems

Govt. of Azad Jammu & Kashmir in collaboration with Malteser International, an International NGO, has installed Public Earthquake Warning Systems namely SECTY at 6 different locations of District Muzaffarabad and District Bagh. The system will be helpful to ensure safety of lives of the people of the said Districts. The siren of the system will go off few seconds prior to any major earthquake and can be heard in the radius of 2.5 Km from its installation sites. The systems have been installed at Ali Akbar Awan Govt. Boys High School, Upper Chatter and Govt. City Girls High School Madina Market in Muzaffarabad City. The rest of the locations are BHU Komi Kot and BHU Phagwan Dupatta in District Muzaffarabad and BHU Kharal Abbasian and Govt. Pilot Boys High School, Bagh in District Bagh.


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